Chelsea Leather Sofas – from £1,908

Chic, modern styling and the innate beauty of high-quality aniline leather come together in this beautiful sofa to create something which is easy on the eye as well as for the posterior. Made to your bespoke order our dedicated expert craftsmen will use their many years of expertise to produce premium a premium leather sofa of distinction and comfort.

Sumptuous and inviting, the soft, warm material of the Chelsea is made exclusively from superior aniline leather – the Rolls Royce of the tanning trade. Here the tag ‘Real leather’ means exactly what it says. Only the highest quality hides are selected for aniline leather, ensuring you can be confident that the Chelsea sofa provides the very best in both durability and opulent ease.

The Chelsea Leather Sofa is made with an eye on the future, featuring timelessly elegant lines and an eternally stylish design which will see it remain relevant and a la mode for years to come.

Place your order today and your new Chelsea Leather Sofa will be delivered in just 3 to 5 weeks time. Handcrafted and delivered directly to your living room you will soon be sinking back and relaxing into the soft, warm embrace of the very best in genuine aniline leather comfort.

The Chelsea 3 Seater Leather Sofa pictured above is upholstered in Cowboy Burnt Tan which is a full aniline pull up leather, many more options available on our leathers page, please feel free to order a free sample pack.

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